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Making a website got easier

Another week, another set of new Pagebuild website builder features!

Today we have added the ability to define styled borders and margins on your images.

Image border

Image borders can be used to help make an image stand out, or compliment the design of your site. To place a border around your image, select the "Border" item in the image menu. In the resulting dialog you'll be able to select the border colour, style and thickness. Then simply click apply to set the border. Check the video below for a demonstration.

To remove an image border, slide the thickness all the way to zero.

Image margin

Adding a margin to your image can aid laying out your page. You can specify margin widths for the top, bottom, left and right of the image. To add a margin to an image, select the "Margin" item in the image menu. In the dialog, specify the margin for each side of the image, or use 0 for no margin. Once you've entered the margin widths, click apply. Watch the video below for a demonstration.


This is a really cool feature. Thanks!

It really is very cool, good job.

Thanks guys. Let us know if there are any other features you want to see in Pagebuild.

Amazing stuff!

It must've taken ages to turn this into a fully functional website builder from scratch :S

Thank you so much for this atrlcie, it saved me time!

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