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We’ve been hard at work developing the newest feature of our online website builder - the theme builder.

Up until now, Pagebuild users chose from a variety of pre-built themes or commissioned a custom theme to use for their website. The theme builder makes it easy for webmasters to change the look of their site straight from their site builder dashboard. Pagebuild users will still be able to select from a range of pre-made themes or commission us to build a brand new one for them, but now you also have the additional freedom to make your own.

By going to the “Appearance” section, you can customise the look of the default theme. The theme builder allows you to edit the colours, spacing, borders, alignment, and fonts of every element on the page.

The theme builder is brand new, so please let us know if you have any questions about this new Pagebuild feature. For now, we’ve anticipated and answered some questions you might have.

Pagebuild theme builder FAQ

  1. What level of customisation can I achieve with the Pagebuild theme builder?

    The theme builder allows you to customise every area of your website - including the logo, menu, header, sidebars, footer, and more. Each area has editable background, spacing & borders, and fonts. The bad news is that it would take us forever to list every single page element that you can edit with our new theme builder in this post. The good news is that you can sign up for the free Pagebuild website builder demo and check it out for yourself!

  2. Do I have to know HTML to use any part of the theme builder?

    The Pagebuild theme builder does not require any knowledge of any web coding language. Each theme is fully editable via the easy-to-use, intuitive user interface.

  3. Where did the theme selection admin page go?

    Now that the theme builder is live, pre-built themes will be available from Pagebuild’s “Appearance” section instead, visible when editing your Pagebuild site. Look out for some brand new themes to choose from showing up there soon!

  4. How do I restore or reset a theme I’ve edited?

    A pre-built Pagebuild theme cannot be overwritten. Once you click to save your changes you will be asked to enter a new theme name. A brand new theme will then be added to your Pagebuild Appearance section. You will be able to revert to the original theme whenever you want by simply going back to the Appearance section and selecting that theme. When editing a theme that you’ve created, you are able to either overwrite the theme or create a new theme. If you think you might want to revert back to the original version someday, simply save your changes as a new theme and switch back whenever you want.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about Pagebuild or the new theme builder feature.


Good to see the site builder is coming along, seems way more developed since I first saw it & the theme builder is sounding awesome.

It actually took me ages to notice I could edit the themes. A clue in the intro copy would be helpful. Otherwise, it's awesome.

Good idea Andrew - will fix that up.

Hi Guys!

I'm really loving the new site builder. Thanks for such great support!

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We’ve been hard at work developing the newest feature of our online website builder - the theme builder.

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