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Years ago, we started designing and developing business websites.

Success grew upon success, and we found ourselves building bigger and better web sites and applications.

While that was great for us, we started to realise how often we were turning away business from companies with modest budgets or simply no need for big, complicated sites. That wasn't great for them, because most low budget web solutions are pretty ordinary. We put our thinking caps on and the result was Pagebuild website builder.

Pagebuild gives you professional features in an affordable package, plus do-it-yourself convenience and comprehensive support. So now, you no longer have to accept mediocrity just because you're not a big spender.

After considerable development, we're now accepting signups. But we're not sitting still. Every week we will be rolling out new features to help you create the best possible website for your business. Here's a selection of features you can start using today:

  • easy to use page editor- no technical skills required
  • Google Analytics for web site statistics
  • hosting included
  • easy page and menu organisation
  • image embedding and resizing
  • free domain, or use your own
  • select from professionally designed themes

What would you like to see in Pagebuild? We'd love to hear from you. Let us know on Twitter or send us an email.


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